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Cross4Health team is seeking for independent experts to participate in the evaluation of projects and ideas submitted to Cross4Heatlh project actions. By participating, your knowledge and experience will greatly support and enhance the potential of SMEs and startups to offer new solutions in the emerging Medical Devices Industry.

Profiles & Expertise required

The Cross4Health project follows a challenge-based approach that brings together knowledge in different fields, technologies and disciplines. Therefore, a large range of expertise is required to evaluate Cross4Heatlh projects and ideas.
We are particularly looking for experts with more than 10 years’ professional experience as evaluator/reviewer or jury member in open events.
Highly qualified expertise in the following fields is also required:
Healthcare Sector
Business Development / Entrepreneurship
Innovation Support
As well as highly qualified knowledge is required in one or more of the following fields:
ICT for Health
Medical Devices
It is also necessary speak and write fluently in English and availability for occasional, short-term assignments.

Nature of the assignment

It is possible to apply to two different categories:

  • Cross4Health Evaluators will be asked to remotely review Cross4Health Open Call proposals against published criteria and to provide scores and comments establishing the bases of the funding decision.
  • Cross4Heatlh Jury will be invited to participate in one (or more) of the Cross4Health Events (Hackathons or Ideas Contest). They will need to evaluate and select the best most profitable innovative ideas and also mentor and coach the participant teams on various topics. In this case,a travel compensation is provided.
  • Apply for becoming a Cross4Health Expert or Evaluator

    If you are interested, please submit your Europass CV. Only CVs in in English will be considered. It is possible to apply for one or both positions if desired. Appointed experts will be asked to sign a declaration of honor and a statement of non-conflict of interest.

    Selected experts will be informed:

  • Two weeks after the Open Call has been closed
  • Before the Hackathon/Ideas Contest will take place.
  • Confirmation of their availability to attend the event is required.

    Name and surname:
    Email address:
    I want to apply for:
    Evaluator position
    Jury position
    Attach your CV (English):

    Data protection and privacy

    Cross4Health partners are committed to protect and respect applicants' privacy. The personal data collected in the context of the present call for experts will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.Experts files will be retained in the service until the end of the project activities for which the experts submitted expresion of interest. It is possible to exercise your access, rectify, cancel or opposition rights by contacting the controller, through sending an email to